So, you have broken up with your husband a few years back or probably just a few months. Now, after this separation period you have come to understand that you want him back in your life. And in this moment you are desperate to get him back before anyone else does. Perhaps, you have noticed someone else in his life that has ignited the fire of reunion in you. First think of the reason for what you had broken up with him. It seems very petty isn’t it?

You must have visited many more sites before this but have got some really fake and unreal ideas to win the heart of your ex back. Listen. It is not very easy to do that. When both of you were broken up quite a time ago you were supposed to lead a separate life where no one will interfere in the others’. For the similar reason your husband gets the privilege to start his life afresh- from the beginning. So, he may date another woman and he can never be blamed to do so because you are not in his life. So, you have to think of this circumstances where he may or may not be engaged with another lady and there is no place for you. Or, there is a possibility of his inability to forget you and your love and he is waiting for your call (though chances of this are very low).

If the reason behind your separation was cheating than I am really sorry to say, you want him in vain. He may cheat you again and for this time you should wait for him to come and apologize first. Only the sense of regret in him can turn him towards you otherwise stay separated.

In lots of other reasons like laziness, lack of communication and many more you can get the thing done. You can mend the cracks and tolls that have ruined your relationship. Try and recover.

First think and decide that you really want him back in your life. First keep a distance if he is missing you then he will try to contact you otherwise try it yourself. Text him and recommit. If everything goes fine you will win this battle.